Distributori e Macchine da caffè a Roma


COFFEE UP shows good ways to taste a good coffee, as well as you want and everywhere you want thanks to the right coffee machine useful at home or in your restaurant or in your office. COFFEE UP’s coffee machine lets to make a very good Italian coffee as well as the professional coffee you can find at the bar. A coffee machine is easy to use because it uses a system of single doses of coffee in pods and capsules you have to insert and then just push a button. The system of single coffee doses keep the taste and flavor of your coffee. A boiler inside the coffee machine keep the right temperature and let to spare energy. With your coffee machine is possible to test many other drinks such as different kinds of tea and infusions. A COFFEE UP machine has a very elegant design and it is small enough to stay in the space you have. Our staff delivers a coffee machine you can test and then keep, if you want, in the form of loan for use. You coffee machine is covered by COFFEE UP’s assistance whenever you need.

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